With irreversible climate change on the horizon, the time has come to change the way we think about energy. The government is offering research and development tax credits to companies working on renewable energy plans, and everyday people are being asked to do their part to reduce energy consumption and cut down on our carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, most of us wouldn't know how to help if we were left to our own devices, which is why Rethink Energy was founded - to help citizens get involved and excited about green initiatives. Learn more about it here.

How does Rethink Energy help? Firstly by providing citizens with the information they need to make smart choices, like what advantages cloth diapers have over disposable ones. Secondly by providing citizens with options other than continuing to live wasteful lifestyles and encouraging them, through incentive programs, to contribute to the city's efforts. Thirdly by providing them with a forum where they can make their thoughts heard, and fourthly by giving them the tools to take action.

Rethink Energy provides detailed statistics and facts on energy usage, where that energy is coming from, and what impact these methods of creation are having on the environment. The webpage also has information on the steps being taken so the problems and the ideas will take things further. For instance, the mayor has launched a renewable energy council and founded a reporting system for the clear air act. In the future, the green development strategy will stop bad environment choices before they even happen by making sure new development is energy efficient.

The most important part of the initiative for you, the homeowner, is the EnergySaver page, where you can learn how much energy your instant water heater uses and how to be more efficient. There are hints and tips for residents and businesses and programs that can help you contribute, like the old refrigerator round up and rebates on programmable thermostats. There are links to information websites on saving fuel in your car, using less water, and building your own renewable energy generation system. If you reside in Canada, speak to the people at Rental Rebate about possible HST renovation rebate more information to see if you might qualify. Every little better helps.

To get an idea of what level you're starting at, there's the Zero Footprint calculator that will help you determine how much energy you're using and how you can cut back. There's a version for adults as well as a simplified version for kids that can help them understand the issues. As you know from the literature from that English language school in Canada, the earlier you start learning the easier it is for you to assimilate the information and start using it as a matter of routine.

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