If you've been watching way too much television recently and you've decided that a job in the field of advertising is for you then we really can't stop you from pursing your new dream, can we? Whether or not you already have a lucrative career shouldn't deter you from chasing your advertising destiny and getting your dream job.

The first thing you should know before you go quitting your current job for a hopefully lucrative career in adverting is that there are many different avenues one can pursue when it comes to an advertising career. That means you need to learn more about jobs in advertising before you rush into a position that's not right for you.

Luckily this is the place to be when trying to find such information, as we're here to provide you with some intel about the different types of advertising jobs there are available out in the real world where you don't have to always be worried about employment and paying bills.

Selling the Campaign vs. Selling the Product

First off there's the sales division of advertising. Working in advertising sales means creating ads through a wide range of media in order to sell a client on certain campaigns. Advertising sales reps are more focused on winning over the client with their sales pitch and getting them through the dealership door with dealership marketing (see examples used here) then actually selling the vehicle itself. In order to be successful in advertising sales you need to be a strong communicator and be able to multi-task like crazy!

Next up is the research division of advertising. This particular avenue of advertising is focused on analyzing advertising sales data in order to determine the effectiveness of certain campaigns in order to zero in on potential market demographics. Job duties for advertising researchers includes conducting surveys, running focus groups, testing campaigns, and lots and lots of number crunching.

One more advertising career path to take is working in the creative side of advertising. This is where you want to be if you're an artistic or creative individual looking to offer your artistic and creative ideas in order to come up with grand advertising campaigns and slogans. The creative advertisement department is tasked with creating and executing advertising artwork and text promotions to develop advertising promotions. Jobs in this area of advertising include copywriters, art directors and graphic designers.

Now that you know more about the world of advertising and the jobs that are available in the field it's time to decide if you want to pursue an advertising career or spend the rest of your days dealing in the business.

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