The Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies is a research and teaching facility and is a part of the Catholic Church of Northern Ghana. This is a place where you can expand your mind while focusing on your commitment to the Catholic faith. There are a number of different courses and degree programs to choose from, with students and interns coming from all over the world to be a part of this amazing learning experience.

A number of well-known schools and NGOs have worked with the Tamale Institute over the years to help integrate missionaries and workers coming into this area into the life of Ghanaian people who live here. Some examples of these are the US Peace Corps, One-World, the British High Commission, and the Canadian High Commission. There are also joint programs with other institutions, including a Masters of Art in African Theology and a dentist office administration course through a college in Ontario.

The Tamale Institute wants to teach through a deep cultural immersion into the country that is all around those studying here. This is why they offer field education programs for nine or twelve weeks during the summer months. These can be done as part of a Masters thesis or independently. There is also a one-year internship program for those that are currently studying African Theology and want a hint of learning more about everything from art to anthropology.

You don't have to spend long in Africa to see what a diverse and exciting culture this section of the world truly has. If you're not able to join in on one of the programs that is offered by the Tamale Institute than we want to educate you right from the comfort of your own home. Or you might need some help planning your trip out here to this beautiful and fascinating city.

With technology advancing every day it can start to seem like the world is eternally getting smaller. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot to learn and new experiences to have. When you reach Ghana you can start learning about the area and its people through the Orientation Course. Then you might want to move on to one of the Study Tours. Or begin your Cross-Cultural Training or learn how to sell real estate abroad. We see nothing but opportunities for those coming to this area that are open to something new.

Royals to dignitaries have commented on the work being done by the Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies. But we don't just want to talk about what the school offers on this site. We are all about this amazing side of the world and the millions of things it has to teach us. So, come along for the ride and you will surely find something to keep you coming back again and again. is made possible through funding provided by supporters such as Ideal Warehouse Innovations. For warehouse air filtration system products and information follow the link

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